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Greater Toledo Pool Recreation District

Contact Us

Call: (541) 336-3181 Ext 1
Visit: 174 NW 7th Street Toledo, OR 97391

Admission Cost

Single admission:  $3.00/day

Family Admission:  $10.00/day

13-Visits Punch Card $33.00

Summer Swim Lessons


Swim Lessons

SCUBA Classes

Lap Swim 


“I moved back to Toledo to raise our three young daughters.  They are learning to swim at the pool, as I did.  I appreciate the pool even more as a parent.” – Rachael Kriz Wallace

Rachael Kriz Wallace

“The livability of the rural Greater Toledo area is greatly enhanced by the availability of our pool, but most importantly – the swim lessons save lives.” – Ron & Marilyn Manning

Ron and Marilyn Manning

“I am trying to make healthier choices  because some day I hope to ride a burro down the Grand Canyon. Swimming at the Toledo Pool has been a great help to me and the Covid protocols that are in place help me to feel very safe. I am thankful to the staff for all of their help, effort and reminders.” Carol S.

Carol S.

“I’m 94 years old. We gotta keep this pool open!” – June Mann

June Mann

“In addition to being a place for kids to learn to swim and adults to keep healthy, the pool benefits our local businesses.  It helps to keep our community healthy and thriving.” – Candace Rogers

Candace Rogers

“When I look at the Toledo Pool, I’m looking at it from a community standpoint.  Community to me is encompassing everything:  family, friends, community activities, kids’ activities, senior activities.  The Greater Toledo Pool is a place I can send my children, a safe location in my community where my kids can participate in activities – whether it’s swimming lessons, swimming recreation, birthday parties, friends’ parties.  It’s here. It’s in Toledo.  It’s part of Toledo.” – Zach Dahl

Zach Dahl